Zoo Code

Actaeon & Hobbes' Zoo Code, v1.47


Original von:
Actaeon und Hobbes


If your existing Zoo Code dates back to version 1.0b8 or before, you will need to re-do it. There have been significant changes. Actually, it's a good idea to check the Version History at the end, just in case there have been even minor changes since you made your code.

The Zoo Code was inspired by Robert Hayden's Geek Code, Ross Smith's Furry Code, and Bob Donahue's Bear Code. For links to other codes, visit Peter Caffin's Goth Code home page. Some sections of The Zoo Code were more or less swiped (or barely disguised) directly from the Geek and Furry codes to save time; all due credit and apologies to them.

Codes such as these let us use our .sig files to tell people a great deal about us, in very little space. After seeing the Furry Code, I (Actaeon) felt it was time we had a code of our own, and I said so on the Forest. Hobbes had been thinking the same thing, and suggested we work on it together. Miami, Shard Wulf, and Kurrelgyre sent us long lists of additions, as did many other people. Kudos and thanks to all. Further input is welcome; feel free to e-mail me and/or Hobbes with any suggestions.


Zoos can seldom be strictly quantified. To facilitate the fact that within any one category the zoo may not be able to determine a specific rating, variables have been designed to allow this range to be included.

The $ is placed after the category identifier and indicates that this particular category is done for a living. For example, ZD$ indicates that the person loves dogs and gets paid to work with them. Quite a lucky zoo, for sure.
The ? is placed after the category identifier and indicates that the zoo has no knowledge about this category. For example, a person that has never even heard of MUDs would list his MUD category as M?
The * is placed after the category identifier and indicates that the zoo is prevented from participating in this category, generally against his will. For example, a person that is prohibited from owning pets would list his Pets category as p*. Major bummer for a zoo.
The & is placed BEFORE the category identifier and indicates that the zoo has no interest in a particular category. For example, someone who has no desire to jump fences would list his or her Fence-Jumping category as &H. A non-zoo who has no desire to be intimate with an animal would be &E.
The ! is placed BEFORE the category identifier and indicates that the person refuses to participate in this category. This is unlike the ? variable as the ? indicates lack of knowledge, while the ! indicates stubborn refusal to participate. For example, !I would be a person that just plain refuses to have anything to do with IRC, while I? would be a person that doesn't even know what IRC is.
The ^ placed BETWEEN two quantifiers and is for distinct conditions and exceptions where one's lover or mate is concerned. The ^ in the front of repeated group means MATE's action(s) and condition(s). Example: H1^4 means that this zoo is not generally a fence-hopper, but makes an exception for his primary lover, for whom the risk is worth it. Another example: AD1^3 means that this zoo is fond of dogs, but there is one dog in his life for whom the word "fondness" is insufficient: he is devoted to that animal. The ^ indicator differs from the () indicators in that the () means "in general," whereas the ^ refers to a specific animal.

Types of Zoos

Zoos come in many flavors. The flavors relate to the species preference of the particular zoo: the species to which we are most strongly attracted. To start a code, a zoo must declare himself to be a zoo. To do this, we start the code with a "Z" to denote "Zoo," followed by followed by one or two uppercase letters to denote the zoo's species interest(s).

Zoos with more than one species interest should denote their myriad of interests with a slash between each species code (example: ZD/DE/H/W). The order doesn't matter; alphabetically or by preference, it's up to you. Note: this is NOT intended to be a way to list every species that turns you on, only the ones that you just couldn't live without: no alphabet soup, please. :)

Example: Zgm%H/D/C = a gay male zoo-human-exclusive attracted to horses, dogs, and cattle.


60 and up
14-17 (Underage, but not a kid)
13 and under (You shouldn't even be reading this...)
If you wish to give your exact age instead, you can place the number after the 'a' identifier. To round off or give an estimate, use a tilde (~) before the number. Examples: a42 or a~30

When You Knew You Were a Zoo

This is subdivided into two categories: "Years Known" (how long you've known you were attracted to animals) and "Years Active" (how many years since your first sexual encounter with an animal). You can specify either your actual age at the time, or (by using the suffix A) you can say instead how many years ago it happened. Separate the two figures with a slash like the example at the bottom. A tilde (~) before a number means "approximately"; a plus (+) means "no younger than" or "at least"; a dash (-) means "no older than" or "at most."

I was exactly 15 years old
It was exactly 15 years ago
Hadn't even thought about it until I got on the 'net.
Examples: Y-13/-15 means I knew by the age of 13 I was zoo, and was being intimate by age 15.

Real-Life Zoo Experience

How far have you gotten with animals? Use the Species and Gender codes from the "Types of Zoos" section above, and separate them with slashes like the example at the end of this section. Please list only those species with whom you've been intimate: this isn't a wannabe chart. :) Also, if an animal has -- on its own initiative -- made a blatantly sexual overture to you (e.g., a male dog mounted you when you bent over to pick something off the floor; or an estrous mare winked at you and squirted urine when no other horses were around), add a plus sign (+) after that species code.

I've made love with this species frequently, and have done the lesser carnal acts more times than I can count.
I've made love with this species, but not often enough to call it "frequently."
I haven't made love to one yet, but I've done a lot of fondling and/or foreplay. (Call it "2.5" if you _almost_ had sex, but were interrupted, brushed off, or backed off at the last minute.)
I haven't done much heavy petting, but I did get a grope or two I remember vividly.
All I've done so far is give one a hug or a kiss I'm glad the owners never saw.
Example: EC1/D2+/H2
This person has groped cattle, and heavily-petted dogs and horses. A dog has also taken the initiative on at least one occasion.

Looking For Love?

Are you in the market for a long-term four-legged lover? If so, how active are you?
I am very actively (desperately?) searching for a new partner. I'm open to suggestions.
I am actively searching for a new partner, but am taking my time, doing it casually or methodically.
I'm not actively looking for a new partner, but I won't turn one down if the opportunity arises.
I am satisfied with my current relationship(s) and am not interested in any more.
I can't look for another partner right now, due to family or financial concerns, lack of space, etc.

Attachment to Animal Partners

We've decided to define "attachment" by actions and sentiments, rather than labels (you know which labels we're talking about :). Since you may not feel the same way about all species and under all circumstances, do like the Geek Code does: use slashes to separate species, and parentheses to show variable feelings (a variable feeling is one that applies only under certain circumstances (say, with specific individuals rather than entire species)). If present conditions (like living with your parents) prevent some of the specifics (like marrying your horse), choose the sentiment that would apply if those limitations were not present. If you don't have any animals at all, choose the sentiment that best expresses the way you think about them in your dreams and on those rare occasions when you are with them.

This species is integral to my very existence: I cannot imagine how my life would be if I did not have these animals around me and/or in my thoughts every moment of the day. I live to serve them. I was (or wish to be) legally wedded to my animal partner(s) in an official ceremony. I will never part with them, and their deaths would be devastating to me. Replacing them would be impossible; I would feel guilty if I tried.
This species is a significant part of my life; if I cannot be with them, I am often thinking of them. I love them with all of my heart and I consider us to be life partners and married in spirit, if not in letter. I would be saddened for weeks if my partner(s) passed away; replacing them would be difficult at best.
I am very fond of these animal(s) and I consider my life enriched by their presence. I could form a life partnership with one and never look back. I know, however, that they will not outlive me, and I am reluctantly prepared to find another to take their place.
I like these animals, but mainly casually; a life partnership is unlikely. I have never knowingly hurt an animal, and I avoid causing them even accidental discomfort. Most of my encounters have been one-night stands; I have seldom if ever had a regular partner.
This species is of only passing interest to me; I can't see myself having one for a life partner. I have never caused an animal permanent injury or discomfort, but on occasion I am a little more insistent than is probably necessary, and I may persist when they object to my attentions.
I am not too concerned with the well-being of these animals. I have physically restrained an unwilling animal to prevent it from escaping or struggling while I was being intimate with it.
Example: AH2(0)/D3/C0(-2)
This zoo is most attached to dogs [D3]. He is also very fond of horses [H2], but is not averse to the occasional one-night stand [(0)]. He is satisfied with one-night stands with cattle [C0] and on occasion, he has restrained one [(-2)].


While the Attachment category above shows how we feel for animals in general, there are many of us who are willing and able to put the final label on it, and to say they are truly in love with their four-legged companion(s). It is one thing to be attached to an animal, and another entirely to know that you are head-over-hooves in love.
I am not afraid to tell a complete stranger I am deeply in love with my animal(s). I will shout it from a street corner for all to hear.
Yes, yes, yes! I have fallen in love, I am in love, I love and I am able to claim it out loud, but I do not say it openly except to special people.
FYI: Yes, I am in love... psst! (You may have to tempt me to admit it openly)
If this is not love, what is? (I won't deny it, but won't admit it either)
Let me think... (Not prepared to go that far.)
You know, it seemingly looks like love, but...
Love between the legs? Or in the mouth? You're kidding, aren't you?
For this furry thing!? How dare you suggest it!


"Vegans don't eat any animal product or any products derived from them - cheese, milk, eggs, wear leather shoes, etc. Lacto-ovo's consume milk, eggs, cheese, etc., but don't eat meat (i.e. eat animal by-products, but not the animals themselves). _Technically_ both are vegetarians, but most folks use 'vegetarian' to refer to those who are Lacto-ovo, and 'vegans' for the other." (Thanks to Kurrelgyre for the definitions.) Also, please note that the "zero" of omnivorousness isn't meant to imply judgement. After all, one end of any scale has to be zero or negative. FWIW, the author of this section (Actaeon) is a VG0.
I'm not only a vegetarian, but also a vocal advocate for meat-eaters to change their ways.
I'm a pure or nearly pure vegetarian, with few if any exceptions.
I'm mostly vegetarian, with some exceptions.
I'm an omnivore, but I can get along with vegetarians, especially if they get along with me.
I'm an omnivore, and I just can't understand vegetarians, especially the uppity ones.
I wish I were a vegetarian, but due to medical or family concerns, I can't make the switch.
I'm a carnivore: my diet is exclusively or almost exclusively meat.

Animal Rights

"Danger, Will Robinson!" -- controversial category ahead. :) The philosophy of "animal rights" (AR) is very complex and is composed of numerous smaller issues: eating meat and other animal products, hunting and trapping, wearing fur and other animal products, using animals in medical research, etc. People may be more opposed to one issue than to another, so there is no easy way to categorize ARAs (animal rights activists). Choose the answer below that fits you most closely.
I'm a vocal advocate for all or nearly all aspects of AR.
I'm an ARA, but my level of activism depends on individual issues.
I don't consider myself an ARA, but I do have strong opinions about AR.
I really don't have strong opinions about AR, one way or the other.
I don't put much faith in AR, but I can get along with polite ARAs.
I consider ARAs in general to be naive, misguided, and/or immature.
I'm not going to stick my neck out with an answer in this category. :)

Reverence for Life

Note that the following section excludes consumption of animals, which is covered under vegetarianism above. If reverence for life and/or nature in general forms all or part of your religious faith, add a + after the number.
I refuse to take the life of an animal, under any circumstances, even to save the lives of people or animals that are important to me. I would swerve my car to avoid hitting an animal, even if it meant endangering myself or other drivers.
I would take an animal's life if and only if failure to do so is likely to result in death or serious injury to someone or something I care about. If I find an insect in my home, I ignore it or release it outside. I am quite distressed when I hit an animal with my car, no matter how small that animal may be.
I avoid taking life whenever possible, but may make exceptions for certain insects and other "creepy crawlies," some potentially harmful or poisonous animals, or for food. I feel much worse running into a mammal or bird than I do if a moth flies into my headlight, though I still feel sorry for the moth.
My reverence for life is centered around certain kinds of animals, especially those with whom I am intimate. I lament running over large animals, but I barely blink about swatting flies and such.


How do you feel about neutering animals?
Pet overpopulation is a serious problem, and most pet owners are too irresponsible to be trusted with intact animals. Animals not used for breeding or zoo-ish activities should be neutered.
I dislike the idea of neutering, but I reluctantly accept it as the most effective means of controlling pet overpopulation, especially when the alternative is killing unwanted puppies and kittens.
I can see both sides' point on this issue; I have no strong opinions either way.
More emphasis should be placed on owner responsibility. Neutering should be considered a last resort, and alternative methods of population control (such as vasectomies and tubal ligations) should be promoted.
Neutering is an abomination. It's not the animals' fault that they overbreed, it's the owners' fault for not keeping them apart. Educate people on how to control their animals, and if they don't learn, neuter the owners instead.

Knowledge of Animal Behavior and Anatomy

This category was formerly in two parts, but has now been merged into a single category under the heading of K. To show distinction between the two branches, use a slash (/), as per the example below.


I have a degree in ethology, zoology, or some other biological science, and am very familiar with general animal behavior, even with species with whom I'm not intimate. I can give sage advice to newcomers.
I consider myself quite knowledgable about animal behavior in general, especially with species with whom I'm intimate, though I would not consider myself an expert.
I'm familiar with the behavior of the animals I encounter most often, but beyond that I'd just be making educated guesses based on what I know of other species.
I know how to interpret an animal's feelings so I can keep out of trouble, but I'm no scientist.
I'm just in it for the sex: I couldn't care less about winning a trivia contest.
What does it mean when he shows his teeth and jumps at my throat?


I know from extensive research (hands-on or otherwise) what every part is for, what to do with it, and what not to do with it. I can give sage advice to newcomers.
I consider myself quite knowledgable about animal anatomy in general, especially with species with whom I'm intimate, though I would not consider myself an expert.
I'm familiar with the anatomy of the animals I encounter most often, but beyond that I'd just be making educated guesses based on what I know of other species.
Let's see: carrot in the front, sausage in the rear. What else do you need to know?
I'm just in it for the sex: I couldn't care less about...wait, I said that already.
How can I tell if a bull is a male or female?
Example: K3/3


By virginity we mean not having had sexual intercourse, either vaginal or anal, with an animal or human. Manual and oral intercouse don't count, as far as the Zoo Code is concerned.

I'm no longer a virgin. If you lost your virginity to a human, add the suffix "h"; if you lost it to an animal, add "a" (or the species code, if you wish). (Examples: V1h or V1C)
I'm still a virgin, with both animals and people, but I hope to change that.
I'm still a virgin, and expect to stay that way.
I'm no longer a virgin, but I wish my first time had happened differently, or not at all.

Pets (shamelessly swiped from the Furry Code)

Note: If you wish, you may list which species (and quantities) you own, using the Species Codes listed earlier, separated with slashes. This isn't necessarily the ones with whom you're sexually intimate. For example, a person with four horses, three dogs, and two cats could list his Pets code as "pH4/D3/HC2" or simply "pH/D/HC."

I have a vast household of assorted furry/scaly/feathery creatures, and my life is organized for their benefit.
I have several pets.
Two or three conventional pets (cats, dogs, etc.), or one fairly exotic one.
One pet of a fairly conventional type (cat, dog, etc.).
No pets currently, but I may enrich my life in the future.
I don't have any pets; my lifestyle/household/schedule is complicated enough already.
I wouldn't have the things in the house. [are you sure you're a zoo?]
I'd like to have pets, but my landlord/parents won't allow them.
Sorry, I'm allergic to animals.

Urges and Self-Control (listed in reverse order)

I'd do anything, anytime, anywhere, with any species. If it can't outrun me, you'd better lock it up. :)
It's hard to hold myself back when I see an animal I like. I've occasionally embarrassed myself in public because I couldn't keep my mouth shut or my hands to myself. "Well, you see, officer, I drove off the road because of that cute horse over there."
The urge is strong, and the tension is great, but I've managed to keep out of trouble. So far.
My urges are under full control, and while my thoughts may stray from the beaten path, no one knows about it unless I want them to.
I've even learned to control my thoughts. Wait a minute, what is this document doing on my screen? :)

Obsession with Fantasy Life

Every once in a while, some aspect of my real life interrupts my fantasy world. I really hate it when that happens.
I'm constantly daydreaming about animals or being with animals; it frequently interferes with my social life or work schedule.
I do have fantasies/daydreams about my zooness, but they rarely interfere with my real life or my career.
My fantasies are well-controlled, and when I need to concentrate on something serious, I can shut them out completely.
I have little or no zoo fantasy life at all: if I'm not actually with an animal, I don't even think about them.

Erotic Dreams

I've had erotic dreams about non-humans more times than I can remember, and I can't wait to go to sleep, hoping to meet those special friend(s) in my dreams AGAIN. :)
I've had erotic dreams about non-humans many times.
I rarely have erotic dreams about non-humans, but I know I've had at least one.
I've come close but I keep waking up before anything happens. :(
I've never actually had a erotic dream with a non-human partner, but I would like to. :)
I've never had an erotic dream at all.
I've had erotic dreams about humans, but not animals, and I hope I never do.
That's none of your business.


A "fence-hopper" is a zoo who will sneak onto someone else's property in order to have a date with an animal. Sort of a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing. Or is that Rover-o and Filly-et? :) It doesn't necessarily mean there's actually a fence involved; simply that you're willing to trespass.

I would brave land mines, razor ribbon, armed guards, and a prison sentence for a chance to meet an animal.
I'll fence-hop if I think I can outrun the landowner, or if I know he's unarmed. In other words, I'm not terribly worried about being seen.
I've fence-hopped occasionally, when the risk is minimal, although I have probably been pushing my luck.
I've only tried it once or twice, due to fear and/or lack of easy access.
I almost fence-hopped one time, and kicked myself later because I realized later that I would have gotten away with it.
I got caught, but it didn't stop me from doing it again.
I got caught, and haven't done it since.
I don't dare fence-hop: the local animals are too well-guarded or visible.
I refuse to fence hop, for ethical and/or moral reasons (not merely because I'm afraid of getting caught).


Being sexually intimate is defined here as something that would disturb people who didn't understand. Deep kissing doesn't count (well, okay, REALLY deep kissing might count: use your best judgement); it should be a little more intense than that.

Finish the sentence: "I've been sexually intimate with an animal..."

...in front of people who could have been (or actually were) quite shocked by the sight."
...in front of a group I knew could handle it (e.g., fellow zoos)."
...in front of another zoo or two."
...in front of a non-zoo (e.g., a lover or spouse)."
...in private, but with the knowledge and/or consent of others nearby."
...while people were present, but positioned in such a way that no one realized what I was doing."
...only in private. No one has seen me or known I was doing it."

Zoo Tolerance

Perhaps you're not a zoo yourself, but are creating a Code to show your support (or lack thereof) for the zoo community. Or perhaps you're a zoo who wants to make it clear how you feel about other zoos.
I really like zoos and would even allow a zoo to be intimate with one of my animals, if I knew him or her well enough.
I like zoos, and might allow a zoo to be intimate with one of my animals, but only if he or she were a very close friend or life partner.
I tolerate zoos and I would allow one to be around my animals, as long as he or she would not be intimate with them.
Zoos can do what they like if they don't bother me with that. I'd feel uncomfortable if a known zoo would be around my animals.
I don't hate zoos, but I try to convince those I know that they are doing wrong.
Zoos? If I ever catch one of those perverts, I'll...

Meeting Other Zoos

For the record (since people ask me this in e-mail), meeting other zoos is NOT a way to get your hands on an animal. We're very attached to our partners, and we DON'T share with people we don't know and trust implicitly; even then, it's extremely rare. Get your own bag. :)

I'm a regular at the gatherings; I even help coordinate them. What do you want to know?
I've been to numerous gatherings (half a dozen or more).
I've been to a few gatherings (less than half a dozen).
I went to a gathering, and it went okay.
I've met another zoo or two, but I wouldn't call it a gathering.
I've never met any other zoos in Real Life.
I haven't met any, and I don't plan to.
I'm essentially unable to go (e.g., due to financial constraints or a strict curfew).

Coming out of the Closet (listed in reverse order)

NOTE: Add a dash (-) after the number if you were "outed"; that is, if someone revealed your secret without your permission.

I don't EVER plan to come out to anyone IRL, not even another zoo, except on the Internet.
The only people who know i'm a zoo are other zoos, and few if any of them know my RL identity.
I've told a doctor, counselor, psychiatrist, or someone else unlikely to reveal my secret.
I've told one or two of my family members, very close friends, a lover, an employer, or someone else who could have a major impact on my life.
Same as O2, but I've told three or more of those people.
I'm out to most (or all) of my friends and family members.
I have gone public with being a zoo; pretty much the whole neighborhood knows it.

Getting Caught

Have you ever been caught in the act with an animal? Add the suffix "+" to any of the negative numbers if it turned out okay (e.g., you talked your way out of it), or a "-" if it turned out badly (e.g., you were lectured, grounded, or worse).
I've never been caught.
I was very nearly caught, but managed to zip up (or the equivalent) just in time.
I've been caught doing something fairly innocuous (e.g., a mild grope or a deep kiss).
I've been caught doing something a little more serious (e.g., masturbation or oral sex).
I've been caught actually having sexual intercourse with an animal.
I've been caught having intercourse and was unable to separate myself (e.g., the dog's knot was locked inside).
I may have been caught, but because nobody said anything, I can't be sure.
I can't get caught, because I've never been with an animal.


I live alone, or with one or more other zoos or zoo-friendly people; I don't have to hide from anyone.
I live with someone who accepts my lifestyle, but only to a point; or, I live alone, but have thin walls or nosy neighbors. I hide my lifestyle more out of respect than necessity.
I live with someone who isn't comfortable with my being a zoo, or who doesn't know I'm a zoo at all. I have to be very discreet.
I live with someone who is disgusted by my lifestyle. I'm closely monitored and forbidden to be around animals at all. It's like a prison here.

Zeta Pin

Don't know what a zeta pin is? Probably just as well. :)

I wear my zeta pin prominently, and if people ask what it is, I tell them the truth.
I wear my zeta pin prominently, but if people ask what it is, I make something up.
I wear it where it's not visible at first glance. If someone sees it, I make up a story to explain it.
I only wear it when I meet other zoos or if I think it's safe.
I have one, but I seldom if ever wear it, even among other zoos.
I want to get one.
I don't plan to get one.
I can't wear one, due to nosy parents, a dress code, or other reasons. (Includes having lost your pin, which happens all too often.)

Animal Porn

What level of interest do you have in animal porn?

I _live_ for animal porn!
All I seem to do these days is look for zoo stuff, either on the 'net or in a book shop or library. If I can't find what I want, I create my own. I have an extensive collection of erotic animal pictures, videos, books, and/or magazines.
I frequently look for zoo stuff, and I may have a fairly good collection of it, but most of my time on the 'net and elsewhere is more constructive.
I occasionally go looking for zoo stuff, but I usually don't have the time or the space, or I'm afraid someone may find it.
Most of what's out there is pretty lame anyway, and I can live quite happily without a bunch of beastie pix. The private, consensual stuff is quite nice, though.
I'm not interested in porn at all, of any kind. I either have my own animals and don't _need_ the porn, or it's just depressing to see other people (and animals) getting lucky.
I'm appalled by all the porn out there, even if it's only a couple of wolves tying one on, and I use Surfwatch to keep my kids away from it.
I'm Senator Exon. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I'm not going to look for animal porn, or have it lying around: someone might find it.
My access to porn is blocked by parents, university, local law, or other constraints.


While "Furries" (fans of anthromorphic cartoon characters) frequently decry the link that is often connected to zooness, there's no escaping the fact that many or most zoos are also attracted to animal-based cartoon characters, especially the ones specifically drawn in a sensual way.

I have a huge collection of furry comic books and/or collectibles; I have a major crush on at least one furry cartoon character. I can't be pried away from the Saturday morning cartoons. I want to be a furry, and can't wait for genetic engineering to make it possible.
I watch cartoons often, I have a furry collectible or two, and am at least a little turned on by some of those shapely furry babes/hunks. They really know how to tease a person.
I'm not big on cartoons or collectibles, but I do agree there are some very sexily-drawn cartoon characters out there (e.g. Lola Bunny!!!), and I find them attractive.
Cartoons are often fun, but I'm not "attracted" to the characters.
Man, you people scare me. You get your rocks off watching Bugs Bunny? Keep away from me, bub.


Plushies, for those who don't know, are stuffed animals, like teddy bears. To a plushophile, they can be a big turn-on, especially to a zoo, for whom a stuffed animal has a special meaning. Add the suffix "H" if one or more of your plushies has a SPH ("Strategically Placed Hole") or the masculine equivalent (Strategically Placed Dildo, perhaps?). Add the suffix "P" if you have been known to carry a plushie in public, or to publicly acknowledge your plushophilia.

I have a huge collection of plushies.
I have a modest collection of plushies.
I only have one or a few plushie(s).
I don't have a plushie yet, but I'd like to.
Plushies are okay, I suppose, but I'm not "attracted" to them.
Man, you people scare me. You get your rocks off rubbing against plushies? Keep away from me, bub.
If someone caught me with a plushie, they'd think I was nuts or something.
Example: PL3HP

MUDs and Talkers

MUDs and talkers are highly-structured on-line chat rooms, and are more secure than IRC. There are currently several talkers dedicated to zoos: Lintilla, Sleepy's Forest, Jungle Fever, Plane of Animals, The Zooz, and Fantasy Island, listed in order of creation. Another MUD, called FurryMUCK ("FM"), is also popular among zoos, but FM would probably rather you not know that. :)

Use the following codes to represent each talker or MUD, like the sample below. List only the ones you've been to. If you're a wizard at a particular place, put a "w" after the initials for it.

I have multiple nicknames on this talker; I visit so often I might as well be a wiz. Everyone knows me; when I log on, I'm drowned in .tells and whispers.
I go to this talker every day, often staying on for long amounts of time.
I have a nick here, and try to log on at least once a week. I created a detailed description of my character.
I have a nick here, and maybe a description, but I don't visit very often.
I've heard about this talker, but haven't been there yet.
I don't want to mess with talkers or MUDs.
My access is blocked, due to lack of software or parental supervision.
Example: MLI1/SF2/JF1/PA1/TZ0/FI1w/FM1

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is similar to a talker, though less secure. There are several active channels for zoo-related discussion, and you can create your own channels at will.

I'm a constant presence on several IRC zoo channels.
I'm a regular or semi-regular on one or more zoo channels.
I log into a zoo channel every now and then, but I'm not a "regular."
I'm active on one or more non-zoo channels but rarely if ever go to a zoo channel.
I've tried IRC once or twice.
I've heard of it, but haven't tried it.
I don't want to mess with IRC.
My access is blocked, due to lack of software or parental supervision.

If you're an op (operator) on one or more zoo channels, you can add the "o" flag after the number. Example: I5o

TinySex ("TS")

What is TinySex (TS)? Also known as Virtual Sex, it's a live, ad-libbed interactive erotic dialogue: two or more people type out on a MUD or IRC channel what they would be doing to each other were they actually together in RL (assuming, of course, that they wanted to be :). It can be sensual, humorous, or a bit of both.

I am renowned for my TinySexual expertise, and am sought far and wide by people looking for a good time.
I have TS sessions fairly often; my virtual partners are pleased with my efforts.
I've TS'ed occasionally; it's fun, but I seldom have time to get too involved.
Tried it once or twice.
Never done it, but I might.
Never done it, and I don't plan to try.

Zoo Web Pages

I have a web page with zoo-oriented content, and there's a link to it from another zoo's page.
I have a zoo page, but I don't think anyone's linked to it yet. (Really? Tell me all about it! :)
I'm still working on my zoo page.
I have a non-zoo web page; no immediate plans for a zoo site.
I don't think I'll be making a zoo page, due to either the risk, unfamiliarity with HTML coding, not having much to say, etc.
I can't make a zoo page, because my provider won't permit it.

NG: Newsgroups (alt.sex.bestiality, alt.talk.bestiality, etc.)

I'm a regular on the newsgroup(s), and I'm determined to keep them alive. I try to visit daily, and I post signal every chance I get. I reply to messages that look genuine, and work hard to discourage binaries, spam, and flames.
I read the newsgroup(s) whenever I can, and try to maintain a presence there. I respond to articles that interest me and occasionally post messages of my own. I fight spam and binaries, but usually only where I think it'll actually do some good.
I read the newsgroup(s) when it's convenient. I seldom reply to articles or post new ones. I've basically given up fighting the spam/binary flood.
I've read the newsgroup(s) once or twice, and/or posted to them (occasionally or regularly), but I rarely visit them these days.
I've heard of the newsgroup(s), but haven't been there.
I don't want to mess with newsgroup(s).
My access is blocked, due to lack of software or parental supervision.

How to Display Your Code

Now that you have your ratings for each of the above categories, it's time to assemble your code for displaying to the world. Take each category you determined and list them all together with one space between each one. If you run out space on one line, continue it on the next. When completed, it will look something like the following:

Zhm%DE/D/H/W a~30 Y-13/-15 EC1/D2.5+/H2.5 L1 ADE1/D3/H2/W2 LV4 VG0 AR-1 R2+ N-1 K2/2 VD pD2/HC1 U0 OB2 D2 H1 PP2 T2 G4 O2 C? S2 ZP3.5 X0 F2 PL2 MLI1/SF1/JF1/PA1/TZ0/FI1w/FM1 I1 TS2 W3 NG1
(This particular code is quite long (about 170 characters); Whitefang suggests that if your code is longer than you like, remove all the zero values. For most people, this will result in a significant savings.) If you are going to place your Zoo Code into your .signature, you can create a ZOO CODE BLOCK. This parody of the output created by the PGP program will attempt to universalize how you will see the Zoo Code around the net. Your ZOO CODE BLOCK will look like the following:

  Version: 1.46
  Zhm%DE/D/H/W a~30 Y-13/-15 EC1/D2.5+/H2.5 L1 ADE1/D3/H2/W2 LV4
  VG0 AR-1 R2+ N-1 K2/2 VD pD2/HC1 U0 OB2 D2 H1 PP2 T2 G4 O2 C?
  S2 ZP3.5 X0 F2 PL2 MLI1/SF1/JF1/PA1/TZ0/FI1w/FM1 I1 TS2 W3 NG1
  ------END ZOO CODE BLOCK------

As you can see, the actual code hasn't changed. However, the version number of the code you are using is displayed along with lines starting and ending the code. Make sure to duplicate the start and end lines exactly as the example in order to maintain a net-wide standard (ie. five dashes front and back for the BEGIN line and six for the END line, and all capital letters.)

You can also use a shorter version, like I often see for the Furry Code:

  ZC 1.46: Zhm%DE/D/H/W a~30 Y-13/-15 EC1/D2.5+/H2.5 L1 ADE1/D3/H2/W2 LV4
           VG0 AR-1 R2+ N-1 K2/2 VD pD2/HC1 U0 OB2 D2 H1 PP2 T2 G4 O2 C?
           S2 ZP3.5 X0 F2 PL2 MLI1/SF1/JF1/PA1/TZ0/FI1w/FM1 I1 TS2 W3 NG1

Where to Find the Zoo Code

Via World Wide Web (in HTML format)
Actaeon (main): <http://altreality.tzo.com/actaeon/zoocode.html>
Hobbes: <http://www.aros.net/~zeta/zoo/stuff/zoocode.html> (temporarily offline)
German language version: <http://www.ping.de/sites/pape/zoocode.htm>
Stasya also has a mirror of it; URL to follow.
Via E-mail (in text format)
Actaeon: <mailto:actaeon@iname.com>
Hobbes: <mailto:zeta@usa.net>

Version History / Credits

1.0b4 - sent to web site 12/4/96; not posted to ASB
First public version.
1.0b5 - posted to ASB 12/8/96
Added Plushie category; fixed a few typos and outdated links.
1.0b6 - started 12/9/96; sent to Hobbes 12/15/96
12/9: Added Zeta Pin category and this Version History section.
12/11: Put the gender flag back in the main Zoo category.
12/11: Added Unbridled Desires to MUD category; removed unexplained +'s from the Z category examples. [thanks to Ashke the white horse]
12/11: Widened scope of TZC3 line, since we're getting input from more people. Removed W4 line: it was kind of shameless anyway. :) Made some other, minor edits to the W category. Changed the I line to remove reference to talkers. Rolled Attachment category into the main Zoo category and reworded it significantly, so you could indicate your level of attachment by species (finished 12/15). [thanks to Stasya]
1.0b7 - started 12/25/96; sent to Hobbes and posted to ASB 12/28/96
12/25: added Plane of Animals to MUD section
12/27: revised Plushie category to add separate codes for Cuddling, SPH, and Public
1.0b8 - started 12/29/96
12/29: allowed giving specific age at discovering one's zooness
01/11/97: [Hobbes] Revised the separate categories of K and N, combining them into one category; Removed extra animals from the Z category for ease of reading; revised the Plushie category to remove cuddling, after all, who doesn't cuddle them? :); removed gender specifications from Z category, for length purposes. Combined Mini-horse's with the general horse Z category.
1.1 - started 01/13/97; posted to ASB 3/2/97
01/13: added flag for zoo-human-exclusive [thanks Dogdude]; added flag for sexual orientation
02/23: [thanks Miami] Dozens of minor edits, and several major ones; far too numerous to list. Lots of rewording, re-ranking, and fine-tuning, plus a new category (Security). Suffice it to say, if your code dates back to version 1.0-something, you'll need to re-do it now.
1.2 - started 03/07/97
03/07: shortened V section and added suffixes for human vs. animal
03/14: put Attachment section back into its own category; other minor edits
1.21 - started 03/17/97
03/17: simplified cattle references [thanks Cowlover]
1.22 - started 03/20/97
03/20: [thanks Svadil] rolled some of the Performing and Outing entries into the new Getting Caught section; added "+" suffix to Experience
03/21: [thanks Skyhawk] added Fantasy Island to MUD section
03/22: changed MUD wizard level to a simple "w" suffix; updated link to Fur Code.
1.23 - started 03/23/97
03/23: updated link to my mirror site (which moved)
04/03: expanded Zoo-Human-Exclusive tag to include zoo-friendlies
1.3 - started 04/18/97; posted to ASB on 5/5/97
04/18: [thanks Kurrelgyre] created two new sections: "Vegetarianism" and "Looking for Love." Also added !H to Fence-Hopping section [thanks also to Panthera19 for that], expanded parameters of ASB0, allowed listing species and quantities in the Pets section, re-worded the Knowledge section, eliminated the E-1 category, and reworded the !W entry.
05/03: [thanks Kurrelgyre] added definitions of vegetarianism/veganism to the VG section
05/04: put The Zooz back in MUD section; minor modification to M__0 description
1.4 - started 5/5/97; posted to website on 6/4/97
05/05: added "Animal Rights" and "Neutering" sections
05/11: added "Reverence for Life" section
05/18: inserted I2 in IRC section, and moved the others up a level
1.41 - started 6/27/97
06/27: [thanks Wlfspirit] added "o" flag to IRC section
1.42 - started 7/05/97
07/05: [thanks Leopard Paw] added "Erotic Dreams" section
07/13: [thanks HeTman inTail] added ^ parameter to Variables list, and added "Love" category
1.43 - started 8/24/97
08/24: [thanks Draconis] added VGC parameter to Vegetarian section
1.44 - started 9/9/97
09/09: [thanks Remus] added "2.5" parameter to Experience section
1.45 - started 9/18/97
09/18: [thanks Whitefang] added comment regarding reducing length of finished ZooCode; added "Zoo Tolerance" section; added & parameter; changed ASB category to NG category
5/17/98: [thanks Shadow] fixed typo in the & parameter section (it said "after," but was actually used _before_ the category identifier)
1.46 - started 5/18/98
5/18/98: [thanks Shadow] added ZP* parameter
5/24/98: added ZP3.5 parameter
1.47 - started 5/23/99
5/23/99: [thanks Catamount] added "ZRP": Zoo of Reptiles


The Zoo Code was inspired by Robert A. Hayden's Geek Code and is copyright (C) 1996-1999 by Actaeon and Hobbes. All rights reserved. Portions shamelessly lifted from the Geek Code are copyright (C) 1993-1996 by Robert A. Hayden; portions lifted from the Furry Code are copyright (C) 1996 by Ross Smith. All due credit and apologies are hereby freely given to them and others. Robert and Ross played no part in the creation of the Zoo Code, so don't blame them or ask them for help with it. They'd probably want to keep their distance from us, really. :) You are free to distribute this code in electronic format provided that the file remains unmodified and this copyright notice remains attached. This copyright prohibits HTMLizing the code for publication on the web except by the copyright holders. If you wish to publish abstracts or portions of the code, contact the author for permission. If you wish to write an article about the Zoo Code, please contact the authors. Comments are appreciated. Man, I hate lawyers. :)