The Horseman
"Obsessions Of A Zoophile"
y Mark Matthews
Copyright 1994
ISBN 0-87975-902-X
Published by Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Dr.
Amherst, New York 1422-2197



"Zoophiles are not "normal" by most accepted definitions. I am not 'normal'. But we are human beings, sharing most of the characteristics of the rest of humanity. As such, rather than forcing us into chemical treatment, or imprisoning us, or casting us out, perhaps it is time for society to take a closer look at its attitudes toward us. As long as we are still productive, functional members of society, why, then, the opprobrium? Why not let us be? Is society harmed by diversity or enrichment? Please think about it"

-from The Horseman


The Horseman

Sexual contact between humans and animals, commonly know as bestiality, has long been condemned by the conventions of society. Despite the dread and loathing usually associated with such conduct, the incidence of bestiality, especially in rural communities, is not as rare as most people assume.
The Horseman is a completely candid, sometimes graphic, sexual autobiography of one man's struggle to come to term with the private demon of bestiality. Mark Matthews traces his obsession with horses through his teen years, troubled marriage, his experiences as a parent, and his eventual divorce. The underlying problem and his attempt to deny it led him to drug abuse, self-loathing, and the brink of suicide, before he finally came to accept himself as he is and to leave guilt behind.
The Horseman is an eye-opening exploration into the dark channels of human sexuality. Mark Matthews makes an important contribution to the fields of sexology through this honest portrayal of his intimate life.

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