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June 6, 2002

(NOTE: Snufferbux and Fishhook did a lot of work transcribing the WLW radio talk show where I appeared this past January. They did as perfect and exact a job as possible, including vocal pauses such as "uh," "er," etc. We normally filter out such things when we're conversing, but they're there. Try listening closely to two people talking, sometime, particularly when it's a question-and-answer situation. READING all those fillers, though, will quickly wear thin since we aren't used to skipping them with out eyes the way we do with our ears. Therefore, the transcript has been edited -- by me -- to smooth the style. Pauses are left in when needed for emotional indication. -- Hossie)
( A great big THANK YOU goes to these fine zoos who did their best to catch it all! )
At last the transcript of your WLW interview is done! Fishhook and I transcribed it. It is as exact as we could make it, with all the pauses and ums and ahs and ers and hems and haws and everything. If you want to clean it up so that it looks like a Playboy interview that's up to you; we wouldn't presume.
Fishhook has been trying and trying to post it to ASB but it never seems to get there, so I'm mailing it to you. Snufferbux
Well, folks, here it is: The long-awaited Hossie interview. This time, it comes in it's complete form. (some assembly required) Enjoy!
BTW: Any help in filling in the missing parts in the first part of it would be appreciated. I couldn't tune the station until roughly 9:20 ( Show started at 9:00 ) so I wasn't able to backstop for Philo. If you've got a clear tape of it, and can fill in the parts he couldn't get, please do, and mail it to me.
The breaks between parts are done at commercial breaks, etc, so it should flow fairly nicely.
Transcript from the "Hossie" interview of 06-Jan. 1995 on WLW In Cincinnati OH.
Editor's Note: This transcript is being made from a tape which is known to be incomplete/badly edited for commercial removal. If you know of a better copy, please E-MAIL (not post here) to the address listed above if you can get it to me somehow.

RP: Is Bill Cunningham, announcer/commentator WLW In Cincinnati OH.
Segman, or sometimes "Seg" is "Segman Dennison" (Spelling questionable), Bill's sports announcer.
Hossie: Is of course, the man we all wanted to hear.
Other: Callers. Names used as I heard them.
<....> denotes sound-bites or notations on lost words, etc, unless noted as Ed. commentary (and there are few of those...)
Places where I lost the signal, blew the cut-in from a commercial, or whatever other reason I am unable to make out a word or words are indicated by the symbol <x?x> where x is a digit indicating:
<1?1> Signal fade/static/other poor signal problem.
<2?2> Bad cut leaving or returning from commercials.
<3?3> Ran out of tape... oops!
<4?4> I dunno... I just can't figure out what's being said ( Maybe too many speakers at once, the sound-bites burying the words, etc. )
Note that this "system" gets dropped part way through the transcript in favor of more descriptive notations, like "<Lost signal>", etc. So sue me. It seemed like a good idea at the time...
I'm not even going to TRY to fill in the blanks unless I get a better tape of the broadcast. I don't want to bungle it and put words in Hossie's (or any body's) mouth that weren't there to begin with.
If it sometimes reads poorly, remember: I did as close to a verbatim transcription as I could, including all the "empty noise sounds" that people make when they are speaking. I don't want to change inflections or shades of meaning by wrongly taking out or replacing those sounds that are often rather important to the meaning, even though they themselves carry no inherent information.






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